Strengthen collective capabilities

trengthening collective capacity is a decent formulation for: real and serious cooperation. That does not happen automatically. The work is often so complex that we cut processes in pieces, outsource tasks, use systems (that others manage), set up protocols or use inspections and audits to keep matters under control. And vice versa. We create complexity by organizing more and more moots, tasks, systems, protocols and audits. Just looking into your colleague’s eyes is no longer there because that is not in your job description. Let alone invest in collaboration. It is an interaction that can cause everyone to do their thing without overseeing the whole. With so-called ‘unexpected’ events as a result. Organizations that perform well, and that persist, know these patterns. They can manage increasing complexity and unpredictable dynamics because they do two types of action at the same time. They certainly make protocols, they outsource things, they use systems. At the same time, they invest in relationships, make an overview, seek out misunderstandings directly and learn across the board. Complexity is, after all, a label of people who no longer understand or understand something. Not a natural phenomenon that happens to organizations. A few methods to strengthen cooperation are listed below.