Improving performance has various starting points. We have customers who roll out a broad program. And there are customers where the starting point of change is at teamlevel. This can be departments that, for example, are responsible for part of the production (a care team or a team of managers). Or temporary teams that are setting the bar for a concrete result (a project team or working group). We see highly reliable performance, primarily as a collective challenge. People perform and organize together. A group of top players does not make a top team yet. That requires joint ambition, reflection and action.

Apollo13 uses the HRO hallmarks and HRO conditions to make team members aware of the unprecedented powers of a well-oiled and aligned team. There are many ways to work together on this. And there are just as many ways to maintain a proactive team culture. It is always a combination of “motivation” and “ability” and it starts with “doing”. But what is the right trigger and the right moment? We have now guided so many organizations and teams that we usually know to find them!