Assessment of the safety culture of (integrated) project teams


In short: Clients and contractors within the infrastructure sector want to uarantee and improve the safety of their staff and that of infrastructure users. Preventing project-related accidents is a priority. Critical success factors are the safety awareness of the staff and the culture of cooperation within teams and between chain partners. With the implementation of safety culture measurements, (integrated) project teams can perform a self-assessment and determine their current level of “safety maturity”. The sessions are also aimed at identifying opportunities for improvement and periodically measuring whether improvement actions have led to a higher safety culture level.

What do we do?Our contributions are aimed at: [1] supervising a safety culture measurement to gain insight into the safety culture level of the project, [2] increasing safety awareness by exchanging experiences, images, interpretations and beliefs during group interviews, [ 3] making agreements on improvement actions to be carried out aimed at achieving the desired proactive level, [4] writing down results and improvement actions to be implemented and [5] discussing next steps, prioritization and intervention strategy with the project management involved .