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In short:The functioning of the sectoral organization and the way in which the decision-making processes proceeded gave cause to investigate both and if possible to improve them. As an advisor and process guard, I spent six months moving between the board of the association (focus on license holders / companies), the foundation board (focus on professionals), the board of directors and the supervisory board of the joint work organization, as well as the management team. As a researcher, I finally gave an answer to the question of how the sector organization can look forward to a promising future In doing so, I have extensively discussed the (im) possibilities to break through the administrative impasse that has arisen and to achieve an integrated approach to issues In line with this, I have issued advice on the organizational, management and administrative decision-making structure. All administrative bodies have decided in accordance with this advice and have implemented the proposed actions.

What do we do?Our contributions were aimed at: [1] entering into dialogue with each other, increasing mutual understanding and gaining more understanding of different points of view, [2] recognizing the need for change, [3] sharper focus getting the advantages and disadvantages of different solutions and [4] giving advice on the organizational, management and administrative decision-making structure.

Important methods: personal conversations and group discussions, participatory observation, force field analysis, conflict regulation, personal feedback, mental model shifting, working on common frameworks, increasing collective ownership, coaching and guidance.