ToPP program Train Security Sector: the learning chain

Chain cooperation

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In short: Safety has the highest priority within the rail sector. A lot is going well, and there are still many opportunities for improvement Only a sector-wide approach can break through some unwanted patterns and reduce the number of (near) incidents. That is why, for a few years now, engineering bureaus, contractors and ProRail have been working together to improve process safety (culture) in the form of the ToPP program: Train safety at the level with process safety.

What we do: The program focuses on the safety and reliability of the operational process (and not on health and safety at work). This concerns issues such as safety culture aspects, carefulness of work processes, focus on maximum reliability, picking up (weak) signals and working on continuous improvement. An important part is to increase the learning capacity within the train safety sector: how do we complete the learning circle? Apollo13 supports the process and advises which interventions can best be applied to become even more reliable.