Implementing HRO Culture Schiphol airport

Organizing for HRO

In short: The Schiphol 4 Safety (S4S) program focuses on developing a proactive safety culture at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. This fits in with Schiphol’s strategic plan, which among other things states that the organization wants to be an HRO4 in 2020. We started at the beginning of 2016 and at the end of 2018 the organization will continue on its own path.

What we do: Within the S4S program we are active on several fronts: [1] the development and implementation of a safety culture measurement to determine where the various organizational components are currently located, [2] providing HRO methods and supervising managers in applying it, [3] training internal employees who as facilitators must further support the growth to HRO4 and [4] documenting the desired HRO behavior with videos.