HRO Culture at the traffic control of a municipality

Organizing for HRO

Major cultural change in the traffic control of a municipality

In short: Following an incident, an evaluation took place, in which the interactions before, during and after the incident were analyzed. This focus on behavioral and interaction patterns produced a picture of a damaged and introverted group with a culture in which they isolate themselves from the outside world and have a bad relationship with partners in that outside world. An issue that had stubbornly stuck and would have existed for at least ten years. The challenge was to let the team make a multiple cultural shift: from an inward-looking closed culture to a culture in which there is intensive cooperation with internal and external chain partners and from a mainly task-oriented culture to a more performance-oriented culture.

What do we do?Our contributions were aimed at: [1] creating basic conditions (influence, trust, removing threats), [2] reversing dysfunctional interaction and behavioral patterns, [3] realizing the organizational vision, [4] strengthening management and anchoring in the chain and [5] creating framework conditions for better performance and constructively taking on new tasks.