Further development of Operational Control and Rail Emergency Center

Chain cooperation

In short:The OCCR finds itself in a complex field of forces with semi-autonomous parties with partly conflicting interests. Each party is represented within the OCCR by a director (24/7 schedule). The challenge is to achieve a structural improvement in track performance within that context in terms of predictability and reliability. During a coaching process in 2011 and 2012, a culture of collective development and learning was worked on.

What do we do?The coaching was aimed at: [1] strengthening the personal effectiveness, communication, cooperation and working method of the national rail coordinators (LCR), [2] strengthening the cooperation culture and the culture of collective development and learning within operational management team (ORT) consisting of approximately 10 directors in full continuous service and [3] strengthening the capacity of management to arrange the conditions required for the optimal functioning of ORT and the LCRs and to remove obstacles.