HRO quickscan

Challenge and HRO dimensions. Do you want to develop further with your team or department to a structurally high performance level? Are you striving for a HRO culture? Do you want to know to what extent your team members or employees in daily work show the required behavior? And what attitude and behavior are needed to perform highly reliably? By having the HRO culture scan filled in, you get a good impression of how your team or department scores on the characteristics and conditions for high performance and points of reference and priorities are offered for joint development.

Summary. The scan shows which characteristics or conditions should be given more attention in order to increase collective alertness and resilience and to structurally increase the performance level. The scan is completed by employees from one or more organizations. The scores reflect their views and beliefs. No absolute value may be assigned to the scores. The scores mainly have a signaling value and gain meaning by discussing the results of the scan with each other and thereby exchanging examples of situations from which the entered score appears. Such a discussion increases insight into team or organizational culture and also helps people to exchange more with each other about what they experience every day and would like to do differently.