HRO 4/5 safety culture

Firstly, culture at level 4/5 is a concise summary for proactive (level 4) and generative (level 5) cultures on a 5-step ladder. This ladder has different names. Safety culture ladder, the Hudson ladder, or HRO culture ladder. Ladders are useful tools to make words such as “proactive behavior”, “reactive behavior” or “HRO organizing” concrete. Several of our customers experience this too and rephrase their ambition for a stronger safety culture or higher performance with ‘level 4/5‘.

As soon as an organization wants to grow to a certain level, the first question is ‘where are we now?’ Apollo13 has different methods to make the HRO content of an organization visible in an HRO way. Namely by having managers and professionals express themselves where they think their organization or team stands on the HRO ladder. We “walk the talk”. You can only get more HRO thinking and doing in your organization if you think and do HRO from the very beginning.