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Reliable performance is the highest goal for almost all organizations. Doing what you promise. Delivering the quality that customers expect, on time, predictably. Realizing a safe workplace for your employees and partners. Responding quickly to disruptions or complaints. Highly reliable performance goes one step further. You still do what you promise. But you can maintain that high level. Even when the weather suddenly changes, the technology fails, legislation changes, people suddenly leave or the financial markets act strangely. The people in such an organization can manage unexpected events very well. They see weak signals sooner, they are persistent and learn continuously. They manage to organize this high reliability together.

We call this High Reliability Organizing or HRO. HRO is about methods, techniques, behaviour and values ​​that organizations use to perform highly reliably and use them to maintain that high level despite all changes. HRO is not a success formula that everyone can apply blindly. HRO is bundled knowledge and experience. It brings concrete concepts, rules, do’s and don’ts, examples, craftsmanship and leadership of people and organizations that have shown high reliability in practice.

Apollo13 is a guide in this. We know the world of HRO like no other and have actively contributed to the bundling of knowledge and experience. We have been doing this for almost 20 years now – by trial and error. Our mission is to make organizations better, more alert and more resilient. As a result, quality, safety, reliability, etc. increase. This website gives a glimpse into our kitchens, recipes and customers. This homepage shows the latest projects and some HRO methods. Call us if you want to know more.

Below you will find some brief information about HRO and a short test that you can perform.


Highly reliable performance means organizing alert and resilient. The word organizing says it all: getting something done in an organized way. This includes formal rules (what to do) and a collective mindset to keep asking questions such as “is the rule still correct,” “we oversee the playing field,” “it could be better” and “who knows more about it.” HRO methods are concrete and practical tools to stimulate that mindset and to embed them in the organization. A brief explanation of HRO or highly reliable organization can be found here.

Apollo13 has documented around 90 different methods. They are described in 8 groups in the Mindful Organize Practice Book. Below are 4 methods examples that we often use and that our customers use successfully. If you click on the photo you will see more information.

Click here for an overview of all methods that we have placed on this website. That is around 30.

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