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Reliable performance is the highest goal for every organization. Do what you promise. Deliver the quality that customers expect, on time, predictable. Realize a safe workplace for your employees and partners. Respond quickly to disturbances or complaints. High reliable performance goes one step further. You still do what you promise AND you stay on that high level of performance. Also when the weather suddenly turns, the technique stutters, legislation changes, people suddenly leave or financial markets are inpredictable. People in such an organization know to manage unexpected events quite well. They see weak signals earlier, they are persistent and learn continuously. They know how to organize this high reliable performance.

We call this High Reliability Organizing or HRO. HRO is about methods, techniques, behaviors and values that organizations use to achieve high reliability and to maintain that high level despite all the changes. HRO is not a success formula that can be applied blindly. HRO is a body of knowledge and experience. It offers concrete concepts, rules, do’s and don’ts, examples of craftsmanship and leadership in organizations that have demonstrated high reliability in practice.

Apollo13 act as a guide in this field. We know the world of HRO like no other and have actively contributed to this body of knowledge and experience. We have been doing this for almost 20 years. With ups and downs. It is our mission to make organizations perform better and more reliable. We contribute to increasing quality, safety, reliability, etc. This website offers a glimpse into our kitchen. This homepage shows the latest projects and some HRO methods. Call us if you want to know more.

Below you’ll find some brief information about HRO and a short test you can perform.


High reliable performance means alert and resilient organizing. The word organizing says it all: to get something organized in an organised way. There are formal rules (what to do) and a collective mindset to always ask questions like ‘ The rule is still right ‘, ‘ we see the playing field ‘, ‘ can do it better ‘ and ‘ who knows more about it ‘. HRO methods are concrete and practical tools to stimulate that mindset and embed it in the organization. Een korte toelichting op HRO of hoog betrouwbaar organiseren staat hier.

Apollo13 heeft zo’n 90 uiteenlopende methoden gedocumenteerd. Ze staan in 8 groepen beschreven in het Praktijkboek Mindful Organiseren. Hieronder staan als voorbeeld 4 methoden die we vaak gebruiken en die onze klanten met succes toepassen. Als je op de foto klikt kom je bij meer informatie.

Klik hier voor het overzicht van alle methoden die we op deze website geplaatst hebben. Dat zijn er circa 30.

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